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HOW COULD I FORGET!!!!! Top Chef DC has started! And I know I tried to incorporate Top Chef Vegas last year when I started this blog, but I was horrible at keeping this thing up last year.  Also, this year Top Chef takes place in DC!  I mean seriously, I spent more than 6 years there, and was the person my friends called to get restaurant recommendations (and still do!).  So since I’ve already condemned myself for forgetting this, let’s move on because I seriously have some thoughts about this season… herre we gooooooo!

Bravo…I love you.  With all my heart, even when you try to make every guy that watches your station gay…. C’mon, I remember the days you were a station SPECIFICALLY created to replay the best movies ever… get it… BRAVO!?!?! We like the movies so much we watch you to replay them?! Yea.  Those days were a loooong time ago.  Regardless, I love you.  Especially when you introduced things like Millionaire Matchmaker, Project Runway and….Top Chef.

Here’s my beef with this season…no pun intended.  What kind of challenges are these?!  DC is a VERY underrated foodie city.  I had some of the best meals of my life in that city and some of the most prominent chefs in the WORLD have restaurants there… and this week…you want them to come up with a Hilton room service menu option… I mean, it could make sense, a lot of business travel happens in DC, a lot of dirty politicians bringing their mistresses to hotels….maybe.  But STILL!  So far, I’ve seen lame DC challenges involving people that are in NO WAY interns (thank you though for taking Hill staffers down a notch, that actually gave you bonus points this season muahah), this Hilton menu challenge and baby food?!

Also, this week, they had guest judges Mike Isabella (my love and executive chef of one of my top 3 favorite restaurants in DC, Zaytinya), Brian Voltaggio and Spike.   Amazing guest judges for being in DC…but to not mention Good Stuff Eatery when introducing Spike?! Have these people been to DC in the past 2 years?!  Apparently not.  Spike opened Good Stuff after his appearance on Top Chef season 4.  He’s made creative burgers and the best milkshakes I’ve ever had– something that was missing from DC (other than Five Guys of course, which is different because it’s a chain).   I mean I get trying to market and advertise a pizza place he hasn’t even opened yet, but come on, at least we know Good Stuff is doing well already.  Oh man I feel like I’m just getting started…

Can we talk about Amanda for a second.  She’s AWFUL.  I mean Robin last season was bad because she was just annoying and kept getting through even though her cooking was no where on par with the unbelievable talent that radiated from the chefs in Vegas, Amanda is just a bitch.  I understand competition, but she’s just mean.  Angelo on the other hand is like Mike Isabella from last season, cocky because he’s competitive.  I like that.  (It does help Angelo is from Connecticut…us Connecticutians have to stick together!)  That and he’s actually really good! Just like Mike I. was, people just don’t like them because they have egos.

Two other chefs I really enjoy are Arnold and Kenny.  Unfortunately, one of them went home this week because they were paired with people who I kept forgetting their names because they just don’t stand out.  I mean the woman Arnold was paired with, I can NEVER remember her name!!  Anyway, that’s competition, in one day out the next.  I also have to admit that I really liked Tracey because she was full of one liners and I have a prediction…

Tanesha = dark horse.  Write that down.

Okay, I’ve bitched (almost) enough about this season but regardless, it’s still one of my all time favorite shows so I will continue to watch and continue to update on the blog.  Hopefully they will really take advantage of the incredible views, restaurants and chefs that call DC home in the near future.  It would be a shame to have Nancy Pelosi (gew) show up on one episode and find that sufficient enough to qualify that as Top Chef DC.

Until next time, sicuro viaggi and bon appetit!

**Peas, (and) Love (to the) best city in the US**


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  1. Adam said,

    I love this blog! It cracks me up. I can envision you just speed typing this whole blog post and being all animated about it haha.

    Miss you!

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