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Sooo I know I took a REALLY REALLY long hiatus, but I swear I have a ridiculous good reason for it…I moved!  In a matter of 2 weeks, I moved my life of 6 years in Washington, DC to Manchester, NH for a new job.  I am really excited about the job and the new start, however, I know I’m going to miss the amazing food and markets in DC.  It’s something I’ll just HAVE to get over…besides, it’s only until next November!!!

So my two good friends, and only 2 readers Adam and Harry told me I need to start Perhaps Fritalian again because they really enjoyed my recommendations and recipes!  What’s great about me living by myself in Manchester is I’ll be doing a lot more of my own cooking, so I promise I’ll try to keep this up as regularly as possible.

Anyways!  I decided my kick off point for restarting the “Fritalian” was my visit BACK to DC where I got to take advantage of restaurant week and frequent (yet again) my favorite restaurant Cafe Atlantico.  What’s even more fun, is I finally got to return with Adam, the whole reason I know about this delicious delight in the first place!

Just like last time, I started with the amazing conch fritters that are accompanied by guacamole dumplings…so good. SO good.  For the main course, I had their version of a cubano.  It was fantastic, they even make a bar menu type sandwich gourmet.  The dessert is never my favorite part, but regardless it was so good ha!  If you haven’t checked it out yet DO IT!

So for a recipe, since starting to cook more at home I’ve been trying to perfect the homemade pizza.  Danny made some homemade pizza that was just to die for (and of course it was effortless for him) and it inspired me to try it.  So i tried it once with store bought pizza dough, caramelized onions, banana peppers, and shitake mushrooms and cheese.  Let’s just say, it was good, but not great.  So I tried a different, safer route until I can really get this down.  Trial #2 was much better and really turned out well.

Now we all know I’m not above store bought ANYTHING.  In fact, it usually keeps costs down and frankly, tastes better haha.  Instead of the ball of pizza dough, I bought Pillbury’s pizza dough that your roll out on the pan.  On this one, I just brushed the dough with olive oil (probably could have used a little salt and garlic) then put down the mozzarella.  On top of the cheese went the hot Italian sausage, green peppers and onions.  Into the oven on 425 for just about 10 minutes and VOILA!

Amazing.  I gotta say, it is really, REALLY good.  NOT perfect, but pretty damn close.  And yes, There’s a bunch missing because I couldn’t even wait until the cheese cooled down because it just looked so good:

See! It looks pretty there too.  I know I know.  Anyways, so to get it like this, its just so simple.  Obviously, the first step is to cook the sausage through.  While that is going on, roll out your pizza dough, slice your onions and green peppers, or whatever else it is you’d like to put on or substitute on here… because hell, its your pizza, you put on it what you want!

Next step, put the sauce or oil or pesto or whatever you want as the base on the dough.  Then goes the cheese!  On top of the cheese goes your toppings.  All meat should be cooked and veggies, raw.  They’ll cook in the oven.  Then I put it in the oven at 425 for 10 minutes and the cheese came out bubbling and browned on the edges, and the crust just crispy enough.

Its easy and cheap and quick enough right?  Now go to the grocery store and doo it.  Awesome, thanks!  See you next time kids, I’m gonna finish this glass of wine and continue to make fun of the American Idol tryouts.  Yes.  That is my life in Manch-Vegas.  Until then, sicuro viaggi and bon appetit!


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